Tiki came to us from the ARF rescue wh en she was only 9 months old.  A rescue from the Morley reserve she spent only a couple months at the rescue before our paths crossed.  Our family fell in love with her at our first meeting.  Tiki a Chow-chow Rotti X was smaller in stature with a giant heart.  When I started Royal Pooch Pet Services Tiki became my business partner.  She escorted me to every pet first aid class, helped students learn as my demo dog.  When new clients came to our home she was the greeter and momma dog, calming all the new dog's nerves.

She loved cats, often letting the cats be in charge of her.  A gentle soul for our kids and any kids that came to our home.

In 2013 Tiki was diagnosed with a rare disease that caused her lymphoid to secrete liquid fat into her chest cavity putting pressure on her lungs & heart.  We hoped that with treatment, as there was not a cure, that we would be able to keep her healthy.

Unfortunately on January 1st, 2014, Tiki lost her battle and moved on to be the momma dog to those that past on before her.  We continue to miss Tiki and will always be thankful for everything she gave to our family & my business.