Royal Pooch Pet Services goal is to give pet owner’s the peace of mind that their pets are receiving the best possible care when they cant be there to provide it themselves. 

Offering a range of services including Pet First Aid Training, Home Boarding and Pet Sitting 


Royal Pooch created by Krista DeCarle officially began offering services in 2011 in the NW area of Calgary.  Krista is a Certified Pet First Aid Instructor for Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid. 

Krista has always had a lifelong passion for animals; volunteering with both feline & canine rescues, working at veterinarian hospital and on volunteer clinics.  As well Krista has had a variety of articles with pet care & pet first aid published through national and local prints.

Krista believes in the importance of teaching our children young the importance of animal care – volunteering time with girl guides and 4H Club to teach pet care basics.  

Royal Pooch is Licensed, Bonded, Insured.  References are provided on meet & greet.




Your Pet Deserves The Royal Treatment...


Royal Pooch Pet Services instructs the Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid curriculum - the longest standing Pet First Aid course in Canada.  Curriculum is developed by owner Lisa Wagner, a national team of Vets and other Pet Health professionals.

This course is ideal for pet owners, dog walkers, doggie daycare workers, pet sitters and anyone else that wants to learn how to be a first responder in an emergency situation. Earn a three year certification while learning:



Boarding is home-style which means the dog becomes part of our family in a kennel free environment.  Only time a dog is crated is if the dog is trained for sleeping or trained when we are away from the home. RPPS follows the same rules that you have at home for your pooch.  Do they sleep with you, are they allowed on the couch, are they allowed in the bedrooms, whatever your answer is that is what we do. Our goal is to give your dog a home away from home with all the same structure & training you have already instilled in them. The result is less adjustment time and less stress for your pet. We want you to know they are receiving all the loving care as you would give yourself.


Pet Sitting is for both cats and dogs.  Each visit is a 30 minute visit which includes: Cleaning food/water dishes, refilling, litter box cleaning, grooming if required, play time, daily journal and lots of attention.

Also available: Picking up mail, watering plants, shovelling walks, turning on lights, security checks, etc.