In Home Aftercare

After a vet visit, pet owners will want to follow all directions provided.  Depending on the treatment required, pilling, liquid medication, giving fluids, changing bandaging, etc., it can sometimes be too much for an owner to look after. 

If you find yourself squeamish, not having enough time or you would just like that extra hand to help in the process then this is the service for you. We will provide assistance in changing of bandaging, administering medications (liquid/pill form), ear medications, eye ointments, skin creams, fluids.  If you have questions about any treatments not mentioned please contact us.

Please note: Proof of vet care with medication or treatment instructions must be provided to ensure proper assistance to you and your pet. We also require your vet's contact information for further correspondence if required.  The owner will have to authorize the veterinarian that Royal Pooch is allowed to request pet information for more instructions on care.

We will get your pet back to their best with the lowest stress possible.

Please contact us for more information and pricing on treatments.